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The Yakazala Pantheon


War, Cattle


The Spear of Yagotherium



Physical Form

A yakazala man with four arms

Chief Angels

Hundreds of Loa

Yagotherium is the Chief deity and Patron of the Yakazala peoples. He is the god of War, Cattle and Sangomas. He takes the form of a multi-armed man with a spear in each hand. He has been involved in the Kativan wars (all three).

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

In the first two wars, Yagotherium was too weak and was overwhelmed by Kativa's forces. In the third war, however, he commands a huge force of Impi and Malari that comprise the majority of the Western front of Kelgrimen.


Yagotheriumism comprises of ancestor worship and the worship of Loa (servants of Yagotherium). The priests of the Yagotheriunist Religion are the Sangomas and Witchdoctors of Tethys.

Places of Worship (Sudbaya)Edit

Yagotherium has a temporray shrine built by the lost wanderers in the Thorim docks.

Chief AngelsEdit

Yagotherium has hundreds of Loa, none of yet have been revealed.