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This article contains outdated information about Tales of Ulvania or the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154657


In Realm of Magyk, locations are classified and marked on the map according to the following system.

Types of LocationEdit

City: A large settlement, housing 1000+ people.

Town: A medium sized settlement, housing 500-1000.

Village: A small settlementr, hosuing less than 500 people.

Farm: A small settlement dedicated to agriculture, normally housing less than 200 people, sometimes part of a larger settlement.

Inn/Tavern: A place of lodging where a player can rest for the night, sometimes attatched to a stable or inside a larger settlement.

Stable: A place where a horse owned by the player is automatically stored, sometimes attacked to a larger settlement or inn/tavern.

Campsite: A small temporary settlement, carrying as few as one person, to as many as 200 people.

Fortress: A settlement that houses soldiers and other people connected to the military (cooks, medics, etc.), normally housing as many people as a village or town.

Ruin: A ruined settlement, normally housing a number of beasts, sometimes can also hold a camp.

Cave: A natural or man-made cave which normally holds beasts and/or a camp.

Mine: A natural or man-made cave used to mine ores and minerals, normally holds beasts and/or a camp.

Church/Temple: A building dedicated to the worship of a god(s).

Landmark/Monument: Either a man-made monument or a natural and signifacnt landmark, perhaps surrounded by a camp, used sometimes as a wayfinder.

Small Settlement: Normally a cabin, country house or several houses that aren't part of a larger settlement, sometimes have inns/taverns and stables.