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The Third AgeEdit

1st MileniumEdit

2nd MileniumEdit

3rd MileniumEdit

4th MileniumEdit

5th MileniumEdit

  • 4500: Scribing of the Universal texts
  • 4523: Nyrdland begins conquering Baya
  • 4558-4567: Nyrdland conquers all of Sudbaya
  • 4793: Start of the First Kativan War
  • 4793: Xilaskar founded
  • 4795: The Battle of the Knives
  • 4823: Tamlin was created
  • 4832: End of the First Kativan War
  • 4875: Start of the Second Kativan War

6th MileniumEdit

7th MileniumEdit

8th MileniumEdit

  • 7454: Start of the Third Kativan War
  • 7867: Sudbaya becomes a province of Baya and all of her current sub-provinces are formed.

9th MileniumEdit

10th MileniumEdit

The Fourth AgeEdit