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Demons, Evil, Destruction, Night





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Chief Angel

Unknown if Kativan angels even exist


Kativa is the evil goddess of Kelgrimen, who resides in her Black Citadel and supposedly plots world domination, constantly fighting against the High Council, who surrounds Kelgrimen with troops.


Kativa is supposedly the most major being from the Daemonrealm to have come to the Ulvania, although she may just be the denizen of an even greater power. She is apparently worshiped by Demons as their unholy mother, so it is suspected that she is the most senior of the Demonic Gods.

Theories on Ulvanian InvasionEdit

Her reasons for coming to the Realm herself remains largely a mystery, although several theories exist including:

  • She was trapped in the Realm by unknown enemies
  • She fled Daemonrealm to escape more senior demons, or to start her own Demonic Plane.
  • She decided to lead her forces herself or is a general of a greater power

Regardless of each theory, she was very unprepared for a return trip to Daemonrealm and as such, is trapped in the Realm. Recent evidence has supported the theory that she is seeking to open a portal back to Daemonrealm, this is exemplified in the eagerness seemingly exhibited by Kativa to get her hands on a Gatestone.

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Kativa is the main cause of the Kativan Wars, which take their names from her.


Anyone who follows Kativa is called a Kativan. The most common Kativans are Prodi, Demons and the Pirate Clans.


Kativanism, also known as Demonism. Is practiced by Demons and other worshipers of Kativa. The Religion is banned in all High Council Nations and Kativanists are hunted. The details of the religion itself are very unclear.

It is unkown whether the majority of Prodi are Kativanists or whether they are simply benefiting from a form of deal.


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