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Fortis (also known as "Fjortis") is one of the minor gods of the Ulvania, being worshipped almost exclusively by small cults and wandering barbarians. Fortis is the god of strength and his earthly form is that of a human barbarian

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Fortis played a very important role in the 2nd Kativan War. In 6729, Fortis temporarily allied himself with Ormyr and Harth. Together they managed to drive all Kativans away from Nyrdland and began the Battle of the Gods (6729-6734). However, during the battle, he turned on Ormyr and took out his eye before being defeated by Harth and driven away from their armies.

Cult of the Muscled HandEdit

The Cult of the Muscled hand worships Fortis and is known for its strange religious practices, including the sacrifice of a goblin, dwarf or halfling, believed by the Fortisians to be inferior beings that must perish. These practices have caused the Fortisians to become outlawed in every nation. As a result of this, many Fortisians have tried to turn to Kativa, but being enemies, Fortis and Kativa did not allow it to last long.

The Fortisian Ideaology, according to the 'Runes of the Muscled Hand', goes as follows:

"A man's purpose is simple. Fight for the honourable claim as a champion of Fortis and eliminate all other races as well as those of our own kind who oppose the ways of the true war god."

Places of WorshipEdit


Fortis worship is outlawed in Sudbaya, but a secret cult operates in the village of Jemheim , north of Wesheim.

Chief AngelEdit

Fortis's cheif angel is Zwargast, angel of strength who commands 2000 angels.