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Elves live generally in forests, but some Species of elves enjoy wide open planes, and even bustling cities. Elves keep from science and technology, deffering to Magyk, but have a knack for astronomy unmatched save for the gnomish people.

There are three main types of elves: High Elves, Forest Elves, and River Elves. Others include Drow elves, vyre elves and Arehi elves.

The elves have their own monetry system, reffered to as:The Elven System of Eight

High ElvesEdit

High Elves are experts at Magyk. They can enchant anything. They also have strengths in Swordsmanship and Archery.

High Elves are scientifically known as Homo pulcherrus altus

Forest ElvesEdit

The Forest Elves are more linked to nature than High Elves. They have a variety of skin colours, like humans. They have small horns on their head and can communicate with nature. They specialise in Druidism and Archery.

Nature Elves are scientifically knwon as Homo pulcherrus silvus

River ElvesEdit

The River Elves live on the water, or on islands. They are linked to rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. They are excelent boatsmen and Archers. Their skin colour varies, like humans.

River elves are scientifically knwon as Homo pulcherrus flumis

Drow ElvesEdit

Drow Elves are elves with greyish skin that live in the dark woods of Felwood in Tethyria. They show no link to nature, rivers or magyk, but are instead linked to the dark. They are the descendants of the Vyre elves and are as such a different species from the first three types of elves.

Their scientific name is Homo caligus caligus

Vyre ElvesEdit

The long extinct ancestors of the Drow elves and of the Vampyres, cousins to the Elves. They once were powerful supporters of Kativa, but little is known about them apart from that.

Their scientific name is Homo caligus sanguis

Arehi ElvesEdit

The long extinct ancestors to all Elves, the Arehi were once the rulers of Areheim (Kelgrimen), but were completely wiped out during the Kelgrimenean revolution and the First Kativan War.

Their scientific name is Homo regus

Elvish CultureEdit