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    This is a list of professions to aid in ciy building.

    Note there are 4 categories:

    • Royalty - number depending on area
    • Nobility/Upper class - number depending on area
    • Middle Class - 10-30% of settlements, not including nobility
    • Lower Class - 70-90% of settlements, not including noblility

    Population generally does not include children, which is generally: 1/2 of middle class population for middle class children and 3/4 of lower class population for lower class children. Most cannot be seen however.

    Architect - Usually only at the head of a decently sized building site/company/thing. Usually middle class.

    Clerk/Scribe - Variable number per institution. Middle class.

    Cartographer - A maker of maps. Not frequently seen; about 1 for every 1000 people. More…

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    July 18, 2014 by Tamlin Lollis Love

    I will be using this page to assist in the creation of unique locations which can be added to the game world.

    Orc Stronghold of Kaalhuk - A stringhold of independant orcs whose ancestors came to Sudbaya in 4E 190 following the Orcish Exodus. Probably somewhere in Ormyrian Province.

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    July 18, 2014 by Tamlin Lollis Love

    Here I will be listing all the quests I plan to introduce so that I can easily add NPCs, etc. to the world to work around the quests.

    Bring archaeological finds (pottery, shards, etc.) to an archaeologist (probably in the Library of Stone in Ormyrban)

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    Now that we have a whole new class system, I'm thinking of redoing the party members. No removing, just adding.

    Name Class Race Notes
    Rikki Illusionist Chaos Spirit NA w
    Karrin Lovac Elementalist Human F w
    Oduba Masopha Warlock Human M - From Yakazalaland a
    Ungolin Misane Herbalist Wood Elf M d
    Whisper Beastmaster Half-Elf F d
    Neeja Hermit Goblin F d
    Sybil Argentia Necromancer Human F a
    Charles Hawthorn Healer Human M d
    Thalan Faros Divine Avenger High Elf M - Demon Hunter a
    Septimus Marcus Milenus Paladin Human M - Laurentian d
    Gerda Avtrin Crusader Human F d
    Kusunoki Segihara Samurai Human M - from the east a
    Nigel Avtrin Barbarian Human M a
    Dorgan McCullen Berserker Dwarf M w
    Yaal Malagmal Warmonger Orc M - son of Uruk Malagmal a
    Sigvald Hvendrun Ranger Huma…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    Pantheons are a little jumbled up at the moment, so I am going to (attempt to) clarify this by adding things to this post, and working from there. Basically all of religion will be on this blog, to be then added elsewhere.

    NB: All facts are not exact, as many myths and folktales derive from oral and bardic tradition. As such, there can be discrepencies as well as wild exxagerations, etc. which are not mentioned in the below.

    Alidera - The Angel of Beauty and Women, one of Skryd's commanding angels. Married to Batus.

    Avling - The Angel of Crop Farming, one of Odlum's commanding angels.

    Batus - The Angel of Ice and Snow, one of Skryd's commanding angels. Married to Alidera.

    Faren - The Angel of Fathers, one of Ormyr's commanding angels.

    Husdyr - T…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I have been composing various pieces for Realm of Magyk now and have found the need to compile a list of works and works to be.

    As I compose new themes, I'll add them to the list for reference (forgive spacing issues...the wiki hates my blogs).

    Realm of Magyk Main Theme

    Piece needs remixing and some editing, but theme is in place :)

    Becket's Theme

    Cobalt Crimsonhoof's Theme

    • Happy
    • Sad

    Lyrian's Theme

    • Happy
    • Sad

    Morgh Khaz's Theme

    Myra's Theme

    Desert Theme

    Piece needs remixing, but theme is in place

    High Council Theme

    As used in my March

    Kativan/Evil/Danger Theme

    The descending chord phrase in Am (Am, G#dim, F, E)

    Ethereal Theme

    Horror/Suspense Theme

    As used in "We are not alone", primarily the piano part

    Love Theme (used in Naye ves Metav)

    Piece needs vocals or so…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I have a lot of tombs in my maps, and they need filling. I'm gonna take historical kings, leaders, heroes, etc. from timelines and lores, and stuff them into appropriate tombs. Here's a list of corpse candidates and any additional information if necessary. If a tomb has been found for the occupant, the individual will be crossed out.

    • Anyone sealed in a cave must be placed in a cave instead
    • A dishonourable death may mean that a number of dishonourable practices may have been involved in the tombing (beheading, mutilation, etc.)

    King Bjorn of the Orm

    King Fargus of the Syk

    King Argus the Cruel of the Temir

    King Hrad of the Temir

    King Balgruuf of the Temir

    King Argus II of the Temir

    King Ralof of the Temir

    King Nidud of the Harad

    King Torr of the Harad …

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I need to add some lore to the game based on the D&D adventure at

    So here, I'll list the lore that needs to be added:

    Belken Ari (Becket in the game)

    Cobalt Crimsonhoof

    Grom Steelmane

    Lord Morgh Khaz

    Lyrian Lovac

    Myre (Myra in the game)

    Yun Steelmane


    Grand Tree




    Mei Tribe

    Nomad Tribes

    Orc Tribes

    Iel Kan River


    Nomadic Plains

    Shash Malos

    XilZun Hill

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I get easily confused, so I am writing down some cultures and their earth equivalents (if any)

    Kodaizuma - Japan

    Huozai - China

    Khnthal - Water people

    Binhan - Buddhist-equivalent Empire, at war with Huozai

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    Map concepts!

    900x900, grid spacing 50

    Sector 2144 - Skyhammer Manor Sector 2145 - Dunegaar Farm area

    Sector 2146 - Ponten Farm

    Sector 2147 - Norda

    Sector 2148 - North Norda

    Sector 2243 - Oukenkol

    Sector 2244 - Dunegaar

    Sector 2245 - Southern Abadir/Northern Dunegaar

    Sector 2246 - Abadir Wodd and Monastery Sector 2247 - Froiland Farm

    Sector 2248 - Nimgeir Ruins and Braaten Manor

    Sector 2249 - Far Mosfel

    Sector 2347 - Minelands south of Alfentad

    Sector 2348 - Alfentad

    Sector 2349 - Mosfel Wilderness

    Sector 2350 - Clovenjuun

    Sector 2351 - Not much, just a bit of coastline

    Sector 2448 - Fort Mosfel

    Sector 2449 - Mosfel Sector

    Sector 2450 - Lopnil

    Sector 2451 - Icevale Bandit Stronghold

    Sector 2452 - Werdenper

    Sector 2549 - Mofnil

    Sector 2550 - Orwin Manor

    Sector 255…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I start by writing a short paragraph. You (the community) then post a short paragraph that continues the story. Then the next person continues the story from that point, and so on. This is a never-ending story, any scenario which cannot be added to will be deleted. Please don't reply with anything other than a paragraph continuing the story. I will add your post onto the article.

    She stepped onto the balcony. The moon was full, shining in a haunting way. The cold Ormyrian air blew fiercly and cut sharply through her warm clothing. It was the perfect setting.

    She jumped.

    The wind rushed passed her, deafening her as she descended. It would not be long before she hit the ground, and then it would be over. All the pain. All the suffering. All the…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I have FL studios now, so I'm gonna redo all the checklist pieces

    1. Theme song - Done

    2. Peaceful song - Done (needs revision)

    3. Battle Theme for Tranholm - Done (needs EPIC GUITAR CHORDS!!!!)

    4. Sad theme for Tranholm - Done

    5. Cityscape/Tavern - Done (sort of)

    6. Osric's Theme - Done (preferably electric overdrive)

    7. Suspense - Done

    8. Karrin's Theme - Meh (it works for the Prodi battle for her mission so, yeah)

    - - - 

    Rebbecca's Theme

    Nigel's Theme

    Charle's Theme

    Pilgrim's Theme

    Whisper's Theme

    Dorgan's Theme

    Terenas's Theme

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love


    June 23, 2012 by Tamlin Lollis Love

    Shall we have a codex sytem like DA:O, DAII and the ME series? Obviously it shan't be called codexes, but if we have a form of lore that can be carried around with you (unlike Skyrim where the books must be in your inventory and aren't very informative), it would be pretty sick.

    If answer is yes, I can start making codex entries now.

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  • M.Eales

    Tranholm during the prologue.

    • House x3 (Exteriors)
    • Kael's House (Exterior and Interior)
    • Wooden Bridge x3
    • Jetty
    • Tower
    • Town Hall
    • Storehouse

    • Various Wooden Textures
    • Various Stone Textures
    • Water
    • Wood in Water Textures
    • Underwater River Texture
    • Clay Rooftile Texture
    • Wooden Rooftile Texture
    • Hay Texture
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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I've decided to do some short stories about RoM. It would be pretty boss if we had some short stories in one big (or small) collection to release with the game. Perhaps "Tales from a Forgotten Realm" could become the story collection. Anyway, on with the story. This one is about Osric and takes place in Sudbaya sometime before the events of RoM.


    And so the people of Maris were spared from the horrors of the goblin horde, and men, women and children could sleep again at night knowing that they were safe.”

    The crowd of children began applauding and shouting with approval. Osric stood up and gave his best bow.

    “Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week!”

    He turned swiftly to walk away, but stopped suddenly when he felt a tug on his trouser…

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  • M.Eales


    June 3, 2012 by M.Eales

    • Basic Sword
    • Battleaxe
    • Bandiche
    • Crossbow

    • Right Size
    • Fairly low poly, but doesnt really show ingame.
    • Not Textured
    • UV Mapped
    • Has Collision Bounds
    • No Animations

    • The Size is off, could be better detail
    • Too low poly, need to redo
    • Not Textured
    • Has Collision Bounds
    • UV Mapped
    • No Animations

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    Before we carry on, I think it's important to just state in what order the party members are know, to start developing a storyline and making sure party banter is accurate. This also has their recruitment mission.

    1st Batch

    Osric Silas - Go to Turund and convince a mob to stop pestering Osric

    Karrin Lovac - Go to Norda and recruit Karrin. Help her defeat a prodi bounty hunting group

    2nd Batch

    Nigel Avtrin - Go to Tonjir and form a gladiatoral team with Nigel to help him win the trophy

    Rebbecca Kappu - Go to Ormyrban and enter the backalleys. She will pickpocket you. Chase her and catch her and offer her mercy and she will join you.

    3rd Batch

    Charles Hawthorn - Go to Thorim and convince a crowd to fight Kativa. Then keep Charles saf…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    I'm going to start working with UDK, so I thought I could share what I'm doing with it. I'll porbably forget or something, but I'll try to post regularly.

    I've been searching around for some tutorials and I found a very reliable one here. I'm trying to take it slow and understand everything the people say. If I understand what something does, then I know how to do it and how to do my own stuff based from that information, no?

    I've just learnt how to make your own directory, update scripts into the engine and create pawns. Its a start.

    Ok...that tut was actually crap. But this one seems to be very reliable... I've learnt a lot more from it in any case, like parents, children and creating an object and what everything in the below code does.


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  • M.Eales

    The code Checks for the time on entering a new location, then if the time is a multiple of 6 (6,12,18, or 24) it checks the climatic location, it then checks the season. Then it checks whether or not to change the weather, if the return value is true, then a number from 1 to 6 is selected, different weather situations are assigned to each number.

    All the script in this is Included in every location, although depending on what the location's climate is, some things may be ommittted.

    function OnEnter() { if (GlobalPer("time_hr") == 6) { ClimateCheck(); } else if (GlobalPer("time_hr") == 12) { ClimateCheck(); } else if (GlobalPer("time_hr") == 18) { ClimateCheck(); } else if (GlobalPer("time_hr") == 0) { ClimateCheck(); } }
    function ClimateCheck…

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  • M.Eales

    Legendary Tales - Weather

    January 8, 2012 by M.Eales

    I've done some stuff so far and it works, this just happened though. It happened because I called for the GlobalPer("weather") to be printed, before it was assigned...

    Clearing Talk to the 'Time' NPC to get the time. Alternatively you can Use a watch NPCs: Time,Weather Exits: Forest
    [ 215125: Talk to Weather ] It is 0 outside currently It is 0 outside currently It is 0 outside currently

    It is meant to say it is: sunny or raining or clear or cloudy, but because it wasn't assigned a value it returned 0. So it is currently 0 outside with a chance of 0 . xD

    You can smash yourself against my code over here.

    There are some scripting errors in the Time NPC, but they don't effect it's workings, It still works fine.

    Here is the source code for a Tropical area'…

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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    ~~The Legend of Okshelten Avtrin~~

    Long before the Kativan wars, the Nyrds were a great empire. Their empire spanned from the Sacedpict Plains to the Frozen Wastes, The Laurentian Highlands to the Frostlands, from Baya to Balta.

    Born 13 Veros 2143, Okshelten Avtrin, roughly translating to The Axe Hero of Trintr, was a mighty hero of the Nyrds. He slew mammoths at the age of twelve and dragons at fifteen. When he was 19, he could take on an Elder Wyrm. He was a hero of legends.

    When Okshelten was 34, in the year 2177, he was king of Sudbaya, his capitol was the mighty castle in Trintr. The Ice goblin tribe, the Snowlips, had waged war with Sudbaya (then only a province of Nyrdland). Okshelten had his own problems however. Several years back, whe…

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  • M.Eales

    Legendary Tales - Time

    January 7, 2012 by M.Eales

    function time_myag_hub()


    GlobalPer("time_hr") += 1;

    GlobalPer("time_min") += 10;


    } function time()


    GlobalPer("time_sec") = Rnd(1,59);

    If (GlobalPer("time_min") >= 60)


    GlobalPer("time_min") = 0;

    GlobalPer("time_hr") += 1;


    If (GlobalPer("time_hr") >= 24)


    GlobalPer("time_hr") = 0;

    GlobalPer("time_day") += 1;


    If (GlobalPer("time_day") = 30)


    GlobalPer("time_mnth") += 1;

    GlobalPer("time_day") = 1;


    If (GlobalPer("time_mnth") == 12)


    GlobalPer("time_pass") += 1;



    function PrintTime()


    echo("The time is:");

    echo(GlobalPer("time_hr") + ":" + GlobalPer("time_min") + ":" + GlobalPer("time_sec"));

    echo("Day: " + GlobalPer("time_day");


    function OnFirstEnter()


    echo("Talk to the 'Time' NPC to get the time.");

    echo("Alternatively you can Use a watch");


    //time n…

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  • Rivergreeen

    Curse of the Kracken

    January 6, 2012 by Rivergreeen

    A long time ago there were the sea dwarfs. They weren't like the other dwarfs, they loved the sea. There were different clans in the sea dwarf race but we shall focus on just one. The Sea Hammers. They were a proud clan untill one of their own named Torack turned to chaos through jealousy. He was cast out to an island where he plotted his revenge. He returned in a dark contraption with glowing green eyes, silver tentacles and a black steel body.Survivors who saw it call it the Steel Kracken.

    The most recent attack was was on a ship known as the sea lion. It was heading back with a secret cargo. It was near the coast of an island in the eternal ocean when it was attacked. Captain Brottor was sent to rescue suvivers,retrieve the secret cargo …

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  • M.Eales

    Well I'm trying out some of the coding I've done in C++, jscript is really easy compared to C, I'm just having a hard time getting rid of bugs... I have a fishing skill going currently though, It works exactly how it was envisioned on the forum, just only the first 5 levels are coded so far.

    //What to Do: //Load Lib, Define Variables, Check Fishing Level, //Fishing Chance, Give Player Item, Report To Player. UseLib("def.js"); function OnExecute{ var fishing = Sender.SkillValue("Fishing"); //Found Fishing Level var i = Rnd(1,5); //Fishing Chance if (fishing >= 0){ //Test if Player has a Fishing Level if (i == 3){ if (fishing == 1){ //Checked Fishing Level //Check for Rod if (Sender.ItemExists(10001)){ Echo("You Caught a Hake!"); //Printed In…
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  • Tamlin Lollis Love

    In this blog I will post lores and stories about myself (The Archdruid) and about other people in the Realm of Magyk.

    24 Zarranath, p. 4823 2nd Age

    It was a battle. A huge battle. Pretty much the same as all the other battles that had happened in the 1st Kativan wars. But it was different in a slight way. The Good guys were losing.

    A brave few stood and fought the oncoming hordes of Goblins and Orcs. They could only fight a little longer. Frenyr wiped some sweat off his brow as he impaled an oncoming goblin. "Cursed creatures!", said Temanis as he sliced his way through an orc.

    Frenyr, Temanis, Syra and Lucius were the only humans left on the battlefield. What drove them was not their hate for the enemy, nor their love for their country, but a…

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