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• 12/12/2013

What is Lore, actually?

Er I'm seeing alot of stuff in this category that doesnt fit the description of Lore Entry.
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• 12/11/2013

Introduction Transcript

Sounds good, though the last few sentances disagree with the tense set by the rest of the speech/prose/thing.
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• 11/13/2013

Old stufs

haha I remember that guy xD
Jeez its been like 3 years ay?
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• 11/7/2013

House Lovac

Tamlin Approves!
Now we just need a finished personality, and we're good to go
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• 11/6/2013

Nomadic Pantheon

Is it specifically for the nomadic tribes in the xilzun region? Or do others worship the Nomadic Pantheon?
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• 11/3/2013


err I'm scared of this article.
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• 10/31/2013


Prefer 1st cent. formatting or the 2nd? just edited the first as I thought it should be :p
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• 10/24/2013


Are we going to stick with the format they're currently in, or change them up, because it would be easier if I made a template page for the weapon infobox.
Also need to decide between 1D6 or 1d6.
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• 10/15/2013

Article Style Conventions, and Readability

So what I've got so far, to satisfy my CDO.
When the page title/subject is referenced in the article it is caps'd and bold ie. Lich, not lich, or lich.
Only the subject/title of the article is referenced in Bold, as above^^.
When referencing a linked page the page is caps'd ie. High Council, not high council or High council.
"Quotes are written in italics with nessessary marks"
I can deal with bad spleing tho xD
See here for more info lines are to be italic, and not contain any bolds. They are located right under the heading of the topic which they explain more about.
Anyways, thats my two cents on the topic, wachu think?
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• 10/15/2013

A Guide to the Ages

Wasn't to sure about authors, so I just grabbed the easiest one, maybe we should take someone from a previous era?
Also I think we should think up a name for the notation system and have a page explaining the system, rather than just having a book.
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• 10/15/2013

Period History

So what happened to the empire, did it sort of just fade away? or die spectacularly?
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This post is locked.
• 10/15/2013

High Council, and Houses

Shouldn't we post them under a catagory like Organizations rather then NPCs as I'd class NPCs as specific people imo.
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